Thai massage

Тайский массаж Киев

Thai erotic massage Lviv is an art that was originally inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy and medical system of Ayurveda. The history of its development is quite interesting and in order to comprehend the truth it is necessary to touch the origins of Buddhism, the philosophy of which must become a deep knowledge of man. Thai erotic massage is one of the components of a comprehensive approach to treatment based on Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist practices and the yoga system. It is an art that has developed over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of Thailand.
Thai erotic massage in Lviv, its main purpose is recovery, restoration of the harmonious state of the body, through deep relaxation and increasing the flow of vitality. Its technique differs significantly from other techniques, while Thai massage is performed according to the technique on the floor, on a spread mattress without using any oils. During this skillful ritual, a certain complex of manipulations is performed, which include the main techniques of Thai erotic massage: twisting the body and stretching, as well as point pressure. This is a procedure performed from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head, using the feet and knees, elbows and forearms, and fingers, by a masseur who produces Thai massage, while with careful use of body weight.
Thai erotic massage Lviv, they resort to its help to relieve emotional stress and to gain physical and psychological relaxation, while a session of such a massage can be performed in the same way as an erotic massage Lviv using aromatic oils. Thai massage will be useful for enhancing human immunity and activating its internal reserves, being an excellent tonic along with the use of aroma therapy. It is recommended for insomnia, apathy, depression and anxiety. Thai massage in Lviv helps to cope with back pain and excess weight – problems with which the clients of our salon often resort to the services of massage therapists.
Foot massage, which can also be performed using aroma oils, is one of the most amazing techniques of Thai massage, one of the incredible pleasures obtained from traditional manipulations on the legs: thighs, legs and feet. This is the best way to activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and relieve leg swelling.
Thai massage in Lviv is the best way to balance the energetic filling of the body, to release it and remove clamps. Having got rid of the accumulated stress, fatigue and negativity, you can continue such a pleasant relaxation procedure using such a service as erotic massage, where aromatic oils and the magical touches of the masseuse’s body will take you on an incredible journey through the world of dreams.

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