Thai massage
Even more than two thousand years ago, erotic massage Kiev was invented, capable of replacing all modern medicine: its author is a close friend of Buddha and a personal physician of an Indian king named Javaka Kumar Bhashi. Now this kind of massage is called THAI, because it was mainly developed in Thailand, and not in India, where it originated. This massage is the fruit of Thai culture, which is based on a special philosophy.

Body massage
Body massage, light and sensual, offers you a lot of new sensations. With the help of this kind of erotic massage your muscles really relax, the feelings are exacerbated to the limit. The reason here lies, in part, in the agonizing slowness of the abundance of unusual caresses. The awakening of the most secret facets of the erotic potential of your whole organism leads to orgasm, forcing to distance oneself from worries and worries of the surrounding world.

One of the so-called VIP programs of our Salon offers you a Jacuzzi Session! His first part of the girl performs for you in a fragrant warm jacuzzi, with candles, using oriental incense and a lot of foam.

Erotic session
“Erotik-Session” will appreciate the Men, who are important not only tactile, but also visual sensations. Attractive erotic dance of the charming masteress is smoothly transformed into Body massage.

Double relax
A variety of erotic massage called “Double Relax” will help you feel the charm of a fairy tale. You can relax in full measure, resting and soul and body.

Indian massage
This kind of massage is based on the ancient teachings of yogis. The most important idea of ​​the Indian massage technique is the ability to increase the sexual energy of a person. With its help, sexual potency is not only increased, but sensitivity is aggravated, due to the effect on the erogenous zones.

Program for girls
Our Salon offers you a special offer called “Individual Program for Girls”! Such a program will allow you to fully enjoy the sensuality of an erotic massage, as well as to experience all conceivable and even unpredictable nuances of pleasure.

Foot Massage
The program “Foot Massage” is oriented towards those who appreciate diversity and are looking for innovations. This kind of massage includes the basics of classical massage in combination with the new elements of the erotic part.

Intimate massage
In our hard times, we often become nervous and irritable. Sometimes we can not cope with our own passivity. Home and work takes a lot of our strength and often we do not notice how quickly time passes and we do not have time to rest in full. When we are in a state of stress, we are apathetic to everything. How to overcome the nervous state and learn to live a quiet life? What are the most effective relaxation methods?

Erotic massage – exactly the sweetest
An experienced man always sees a woman literally right through; The inexperienced sees it in dreams. And they both instinctively feel that a woman is attracted. It’s true. Therefore, our gentle charmers allow themselves to see in all their beauty – let the man enjoy triumph, he is worthy, and here he will get it in full!

Relaxation massage
A non-traditional relaxing massage is a RELAXATION MASSAGE intended for women and men experiencing emotional stress, a feeling of constant physical and moral fatigue, physical discomfort, an anxious or depressed state. He helps those who experience dissatisfaction in intimate relationships, decreased sexual desire, and so on.

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