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Erotic massage

Эротический массаж в салоне ЛаймErotic massage in Lviv is one of the most frequent requests related to massage in Lviv. We hasten to assure you that only affordable prices are waiting for you in the In the House erotic massage salon you will be offered a wide range of massage programs. The most popular: erotic massage, body massage and others. salon, we also have a cumulative discount system and, of course, VIP client cards. The price for a sensual massage includes both labor costs and minor options such as champagne, sweets, aroma oils and creams.
That is, the price is exhaustive, you do not have to pay extra for something or make money for services that are not provided to you. Erotic massage is a kind of art, so we only employ competent experienced masseuses who know how to give unforgettable emotions to a partner. Full body massage, four-hand massage and male massage courses are in particular demand. When re-ordering these services, discounts are provided, which cannot but please customers who are interested in massage.

The whole atmosphere of the In the Erotic House erotic massage salon you will be offered a wide range of massage programs. The most popular: erotic massage, body massage and others. sensual massage salon in Lviv, whether it is a hall or a massage room, is conducive to relaxation and receiving transcendental pleasure. We tried to recreate an atmosphere conducive to helping you relax, enjoy a sensual show, forget about everyday problems and experience the pleasure worthy of the emperors of antiquity …
In our price list you can find the most complete information on massage. It is quite simple to understand it, opposite its name, type of massage, and indicating the time of the service. Below is a description of the massage itself, as well as those options that are included in the service. Prices for individual programs must be agreed with our administrator separately. Also, if you are interested in a gift program or a program for meeting business partners, our administrator will be happy to share such information. We are pleased to write that the massage salon in Lviv Erotic House can boast not only a variety of services, the beauty of masseuses, but also low prices.

Erotic massage salon Erotic House

Nega starts right after you enter our cozy salon. You will be greeted by a welcoming and friendly manager. She will offer you a cup of tea, coffee and introduce you to some of the most beautiful girls in Lviv who will be ready to perform the best erotic massage. You will see that our young masseuses, always ready to play with you, are really beautiful, sociable and sensual. But, above all, they are masters of skillful caresses. Slow, calm and confident gentle movements that become more and more fast and teasing – a delightful erotic massage Lviv performed by them, which will make you sensitive to the limit. Our girls are really professional and perfectly perform all types of massage. You will be given an erotic massage and will be satisfied until a strong and filling relaxation fills your soul and every cell of your body. Cast aside doubts and be sure – the best erotic massage in Lviv is waiting for you at Erotic House! Erotic massage in Lviv is extremely popular and in demand. In this regard, we have an erotic massage salon, where, along with such types of massage as classic, sports and Thai, sensual massage services are also provided. Erotic massage probably, like none of the other types of massage, causes a lot of conflicting rumors and interpretations from others. But, despite the most diverse interpretations and attitudes towards this so popular type of massage, literally all “experts” agree on one thing – erotic massage excites and delivers sexual pleasure. And although they are completely correct in this statement, this interpretation of the definition of sensual or erotic massage is not entirely complete.

Eromassage in Erotic House salon

Пол лица девушки с красными губамиLet’s first define what the word “eromassage” means. Eromassage is an abbreviation for erotic massage, which has recently become very popular. Often, eromassage is unknowingly confused with Thai massage. Yes, we will not hide that Thailand is a country rich in eroticism, especially in tourist resorts, but still, initially, Thai massage does not imply eroticism. But he does not reject it either :), as well as classical massage. That is why in the Erotic House salon one of the best erotic massage is Thai erotic massage. Its popularity is due to many reasons. Firstly, this eromassage is the hallmark of the salon, and secondly, it actually turned out to be very successful, as it contains the best moments from three different massages, and thirdly, the best masseuses do Thai eromassage. Therefore, we can safely say that Thai erotic massage is one of the best massages in the Lime salon. But there is no limit to good, and if you want to try the best eromassage, then opt for the Geisha massage. This eromassage includes almost all massages that can be tried in the Lime salon, including Thai. A wide range of massage techniques is enhanced by the experience of masseuses, since Geisha eromassage is done only by leading masseuses. But that’s not all. If you want to get an exclusive massage, then we can complement the Geisha eromassage at the very beginning with a passionate striptease, and end with a wonderful Chinese tea ceremony! This will be the best eromassage you can try with one girl.

Erotic massage as the most popular element of foreplay at the present time

Erotic massage in Lviv is a special kind of pleasure, which includes:

  • And the massage itself as such.
  • And intimate caresses.
  • And, of course, the piquancy of contemplating the naked beauty of your partner’s body.

Салон эротического массажа КиевAnd it’s not a secret for anyone that there are points on the body of any person, when stimulated, a truly amazing pleasure of a sexual nature arises. This is erotic massage.

You can even say that this is a kind of game, where kisses and strokes become “participants”. And do not forget that a high-quality intimate massage is accompanied by no less pleasure than lovemaking. Especially when your loved one does it. So, thanks to this special category of massage, partners relax, get excited, get charged with an excellent mood, awaken completely new emotions and feelings in each other, and they look at the world around them with different eyes. Thus, they get to know each other’s erogenous zones and improve relationships in general. Also, do not forget that this art of touching affects potency and sexuality.

Of course, you can enroll in special courses, but this is not necessary. The most important thing in this business is psychological emancipation and lack of constraint. In this case, you will definitely succeed.

There are no clearly defined rules here. Your task is to give each other an unforgettable pleasure. After all, the main purpose of erotic massage is not so much excitement as relaxation and prolongation of unforgettable pleasure.

A few helpful tips to know before starting a massage

To maximize pleasure, you should heed these tips:

  • Before the massage, you must take a shower. You can even do this with your partner. It is very relaxing.
  • The setting can be anything, but it should be quiet and calm. Nothing and no one should distract you from this process. So the devices need to be turned off and the curtains drawn. You can also play quiet music and light scented candles to create a more relaxing environment.
  • In no case should you massage with cold or dry hands. You should grease your palms with scented oil. If your hands are cold, rub them together to keep them warm.
    No massage on damaged skin areas.
  • The process of intimate massage itself involves not only manipulating the hands, but also the feet, chest, and stomach.
  • The movements themselves should be alternated – gentle and smooth, replaced by fast and strong.

In general, this is all so individual and intimate that the main thing in this action is to show your imagination and sympathy for your partner. After all, intimate massage is, first of all, an art in which both participants must show mutual sensitivity, warmth and simply go towards each other in order to deliver unforgettable pleasure.