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У нас широкий выбор массажа для мужчин, девушек и влюбленных пар



В нашем салоне Вы обязательно найдете красотку по вашему вкусу



У нас самые демократичные цены на разнообразные виды массажа


In our salon will perform erotic massage Kiev experienced masseuse – the master of his craft. It will raise your mood and prompt exactly the kind of massage that will bring maximum benefit to your body and will have a positive impact not only on physical, but also on mental strength. Aging masseuses will work in detail with each muscle of your body and perform a quality erotic massage at the highest level. You will find an amazing atmosphere of harmony and comfort, romantic and calm music and complete relaxation. Our girls-masseuses will be for you the best way to get into the world of peace, tranquility, comfort and positive energy. You will achieve perfect relaxation in just minutes.

Erotic massage Kiev is a fountain of pleasure for men, women and couples.

You will relax under the caress of a sweet and experienced masseuse with a beautiful, flexible body. Essential oils for massage, flame and glare of candles, romantic melody will lift the mood and strengthen exhilarating ecstasy. Our salon will help you find a cozy corner where you can relax with your body and soul and put your thoughts in order, and also enjoy and complete satisfaction. Try with us all the delights of the massage, and you will get a full range of pleasure. Comfortable setting of the VIP salon, where there is a twilight, quiet music and a nymph, from which you feel like the lord and the king. After such a holiday you will be guaranteed everything you have conceived! Erotic massage Kiev allows you to fatigue, nervousness, stress and illness, as it relaxes like no other kind of massage, releases sexual energy, replenishes the balance of vitality and energy potential. The effectiveness of eromassage directly depends on the pleasure of the client. That’s why we select not only highly skilled masseuses who own various massage techniques, as well as appropriate aesthetic standards of attractiveness and sexuality. After all, the purpose of the massage is to completely relax and relax the client, immersing in the beauty of the world and the sensations that he can not find in real life. Frank fantasies – this is what we offer you together with the program “Erotic Massage”! Come to us for a sensual tale, if you are tired of the prose of life … Most people, thinking about massage, represent the same type of pictures, because they have very narrow ideas and a modest imagination. But how much you can learn about the ten square centimeters of the body that you are interested in! We can reveal the secret of your body, its desires and most importantly – the possibilities that are limitless, as well as the pleasant emotions that give an intimate massage in Kiev. Want to become a more “advanced” lover, sensual partner, a real macho? Then learn to have fun and give it without using genitals! How to do it? We show and tell during a session of erotic massage, built on the study of your erogenous zones, the search for sensual pleasure points. Erotic massage is tenderness, voluptuousness, pleasant emotions, the union of which turns the whole body into a continuous erogenous zone. It is thanks to attention to every cell of the body that our masseuses reveal the full potential of the client’s body, opening his eyes to the hidden potential in carnal pleasures. Immerse yourself in the massage, as in a waterfall of exciting and intoxicating sensations, from which the blood through the veins runs faster, and the desire to boil from the influx of another wave of emotions.

Stages of erotic massage

The first stage begins with a greeting. You will be welcomed by the administrator and invitingly beckoned to the girl. In a light casual atmosphere and unobtrusive conversation pleasant movements relax the muscles of the neck and back, then the masseuse will nicely pay attention to your hands, legs and buttocks. You turn over on the back and the master continues to massage your breasts smoothly turning to an erotic massage. Erotic massage is the best way to relax! After a few sessions you will feel a rush of strength and vigor and become more energetic and optimistic. Those who can not forget about everyday worries and problems, hurry to turn to the massage parlor. Kiev and our masseuses promise that you will not regret your decision. We will entrust you to an experienced girl who perfectly knows all the techniques of erotic massage.

Advantages of massage parlor

At any time we are ready to give you attention and our main goal is to give pleasure. The massage in 4 hands is very popular in the massage parlor. He does not presume sexual intercourse! Seductive and beautiful masseuses with gentle and confident movements caress your body, after which you feel a surge of strength and energy. From this you are guaranteed to get the maximum pleasure and unforgettable pleasure, which you will remember for a long time. Feel all the delights of massage. For a long time, Kiev has not removed fatigue and stress. In addition, the session will give a feeling of lightness and freshness and increase efficiency. In fact, to list all the main features of erotic massage can be very long. In our erotic salon, you will be picked up by an individual program and pleasantly surprised by the high massage preparation. Here you will be helped to get rid of depressive mood and relax from muscle and nervous tension. An accessible service is an erotic massage. Kiev provides an opportunity to take advantage of each of you. Another question is the time that you must find to visit the massage parlor. Such an intimate massage Kiev is considered an effective means of relaxation and knowingly enjoys high demand not only in men, but also in women. Erotic salon allows you to fill yourself with new forces, which is enough for the whole day. During the session, you will feel the full rest, which you have long dreamed about and finally waited.

Guarantee of a secret visit

To have a rest in the salon of erotic massage is completely confidential – you will be offered a unique complex of various types of massage erotic, for example, double relaxation. We reject the craving for everyday days and immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of erotic pleasure, the benefit of massage parlors in Kiev is always ready to give the client an unforgettable hours of pleasure in the company of amazing masseuses. No intimacy, only the services of erotic massage in this regard consistently and strictly offers. Classy erotic massage will allow the client to have a good rest, gain strength and fresh, younger to leave the masseuse. All negative emotions, depression, stress easily relieves a relaxing massage. Kiev knows how to offer the best masseuses, and girls are already quietly vary by different programs. Every salon of erotic massage Kiev offers many such establishments. Ukraine can boast of excellent service and unique methods, in which erotic massage is fully revealed. Kiev expects customers that they could try out all the offers! An incredibly strong impression leaves the eromassage. Kiev and so the city is not the most modest in the world, but the erotic pleasure that massage parlors give, it can collect and be proud! And indeed, from classical to frank, any erotic massage turns into a theater of sexuality and lust, with its actors and the final chord in the form of a powerful orgasm.

Salon of erotic massage

It is worth entering the VIP erotic salon and the client immediately gets into the atmosphere of full attention, tremendous service and fantastic planting. Erotic massage in Kiev sees not just how to act with a naked girl, it is a complex of oriental practices, beauty of the female body and impact on the client’s erogenous zones, that’s how the best massage turns out. Our salon is the best institution, which is arranged so that the erotic massage was not interrupted by anything. A man, a woman, a couple, everyone should get a full range of pleasures, and depending on the chosen program, come your way to orgasm. Salons of erotic massage in Ukraine offer a lot of programs, and a beginner can start with a simple relaxing session, for example, that gradually discover how erotic massage can be. A cascade of pleasure hits the client from the very first touch, and it’s only the beginning! Experienced masseuses feel intuitively how the condition of a man changes, and can linger on erogenous zones, or include additional elements in the program. Kiev is rich in massage parlors and tries to surprise the client by offering sometimes very unconventional programs. For example, salons offer stimulation of the prostate. Such a massage will provide the client with new evidence of how interesting erotic massage of the prostate performed by a sexy masseuse can be. It is these exclusively exclusive massage services Kiev is ready to offer the client that he felt how without an intim can get an incredibly bright orgasm. Such a massage Kiev, around the clock, ready to provide, raising the level of testosterone in the blood, the client gains new strength, grows younger and believes in himself! All, as expected, massage parlors perform, that would follow one goal – pleasure and relaxation, rest. So let’s visit the salon of erotic massage in Kiev and give ourselves to a stream of crazy bliss and sexuality!

Eromassage – the art of pleasure

The long-awaited sun and spring freshness in the air pushes to reading playful poetic lines. Everything blooms after the winter, and each of us already feels a kind of subtle movement – this body craves activity, emotions and … open, immodest eroticism. As a flower, the petals that appear from the bud are bare, so in the spring of Kiev the city life is born anew. Men begin to look more often around, try to walk exactly, visit the pool and massage parlor. Women refresh makeup colors, get rid of the extra layers of inappropriate clothes now, and … release into the world around them a wave of erotic charm. Kiev is beautiful. But something is missing him. He has not woken up yet, perhaps. You know, as a man after a long sleep – he needs light strokes, quiet and gentle kisses. It’s not even difficult for me to imagine that spring will awaken our beloved city in this way. She comes to him, quietly pulls off the snow blanket, and makes him an awakening erotic massage – kisses the buds blossoming in the trees, strokes the sun’s rays … Spring, such a full-blown blond beauty, buries her gentle fingers into the vegetation of the Kiev forests and parks confused in winter sleep, A fresh breeze makes them wake up and tremble. And Kiev, already awake, but still stretching lazily, firmly grasps her hips in her hands, forcing the spring to flinch and come closer. If you capture these words on canvas, it adequately decorates any elite salon of erotic massage in Kiev. But why do I transfer my feelings and desires to the images of the city and the time of year? .. The answer with a smile is itself: spring … There is another funny observation related to the arrival of spring in Kiev. It may be due to vitamin deficiency, but men in the early spring are very “hungry” before fruit massage. Have you ever tried erotic massage with fruits? Do not worry, I recommend you catch up as soon as possible. For this, except for the man, you need your favorite fruit. The salon of erotic massage will offer exotic – passion fruit, pineapple, coconut juice. If you decide to do this massage at home, start with strawberries or orange, and forget about the “banal” banana. Brush and cut the fruit with rings, and then … play with the man, rolling these rings over his or her chest, and pointing in the mouth. Do not confuse breakfast with a massage – breakfast should be later … A man smelling of fruit is amazing … Already only this experience is worth the fact that the three winter months wait for spring, or rather, a convenient unique moment. Believe me, it is in the early spring that the effect of a fruit erotic massage can not be compared to anything! And what about a woman, after all, she probably wants a special spring massage? Yes, without fail! “Spring” erotic massage for a woman or for a couple is very good, when the massage parlor offers you quality aromatic oils. Perfectly awaken the female body floral flavors, vanilla, chocolate. In Kiev, there are massage parlors that can not provide a choice of quality oils to customers – do not hesitate to contact us, even if for a start only for a recommendation. When an erotic massage using aromatic oils is done to a woman, you get a rare experience and sensation. The whole point is that in spring women, like nature itself, are born anew. If men, like predators, “wake up,” then women are born. And, touching the “newly born” body, hungry for warmth and tenderness, you will feel how a slender willow touches you with a branch on the back of the head, as a river whispers by the wave … Your erotic massage will awaken life itself. And you will feel the coolness of the brook on the loin and the heat of direct sunlight on the neck, the velvety nature of the young foliage on the chest, the fragility of the bird’s wing in the elbows. Spring knowsingly “strips” people in Kiev – she knows what they really need. And they need feelings and feelings of unrestrained freedom, energy and … erotic massage, in the salon or at home. In the cabin the sensations are sharper, of course. Boring to you spring days! Waiting for you!

Вы расслабитесь под ласками милой и опытной массажистки с красивым гибким телом. Эфирные масла для массажа, пламя и блики свечей, романтическая мелодия поднимут настроение и усилят волнующий экстаз.
Наш салон поможем Вам найти уютный уголок, где можно расслабиться телом и душой и привести в порядок мысли, а также получить удовольствие и полное удовлетворение. Попробуйте с нами все прелести массажа, и вы получите полный спектр наслаждения. Комфортная обстановка VIP салона, где царит полумрак, тихая музыка и нимфа, с которой чувствуешь себя властелином и королем. После такого отдыха у вас гарантированно получится все задуманное!
Эротический массаж Киев позволяет от усталости, нервозности, стрессов и болезней, так как он расслабляет как никакой другой вид массажа, освобождает сексуальную энергию, пополняет баланс жизненных сил и энергетический потенциал.
Эффективность эромассажа напрямую зависит от удовольствия клиента. Именно поэтому мы подбираем не только высококвалифицированных массажисток, владеющих различными техниками массажа, а также соответствующих эстетическим стандартам привлекательности и сексуальности. Ведь цель массажа заключается в полном отдыхе и расслаблении клиента, погружении в красоту мира и ощущений, которых он не может найти в реальной жизни. Откровенные фантазии — это то, что мы предлагаем вам вместе с программой «Эротический Массаж»! Приходите к нам за чувственной сказкой, если вы устали от прозы жизни…
Большинство людей, думая о массаже, представляют однотипные картинки, так как имеют очень узкие представления и скромную фантазию. А ведь как много можно узнать о том десятке квадратных сантиметров тела, которые вас интересуют! Мы можем раскрыть тайну вашего тела, его желаний и самое главное — возможностей, которые безграничны, как и приятные эмоции, которые дарит интимный массаж в Киеве.
Хотите стать более «продвинутым» любовником, чувственным партнером, настоящим мачо? Тогда научитесь получать удовольствие и дарить его, не используя при этом половые органы! Как это сделать? Мы покажем и расскажем во время сеанса эротического массажа, построенного на изучении ваших эрогенных зон, поиске чувственных точек наслаждения.
Эротический массаж – это нежность, сладострастность, приятные эмоции, союз которых превращает все тело в сплошную эрогенную зону. Именно благодаря вниманию к каждой клеточке тела, наши массажистки раскрывают весь потенциал организма клиента, открывая ему глаза на скрытый потенциал в плотских утехах.
Окунитесь в массаж, как в водопад волнительных и пьянящих ощущений, от которых кровь по венам бежитбыстрее, а желание закипает от наплыва очередной волны эмоций.

Do not postpone “for later”, just call now! We guarantee full confidentiality.

Important information!!!

Call around the clock on the phone. (097) 478-42-42

Тантрический массаж можно рассматривать как форму сексуальной терапии и может повысить вашу восприимчивость к сексуальной стимуляции. Его можно использовать для усиления вашего уровня возбуждения без достижения климакса, что означает, что ваш уровень сексуального желания увеличивается для последующих сексуальных событий.

Тантра может позволить вам облегчить себе или вашему партнеру сильные тревоги и, как известно, повышает уровень интимности, эмоционального здоровья и благополучия супружеских пар в течение многих лет. Это может помочь вам преодолеть различные умственные препятствия и помочь вам стать более внимательным любовником для вашего партнера.

Если вы хотите воспользоваться тантрическим массажем, узнав больше о любви и чрезвычайном удовольствии, то наш Тантрический массаж Танца здесь для вас.

Гипнотическое состояние контролируемого желания

Храм Тантрического массажа доступен для всех, кто нуждается в подлинном тантрическом массаже. Храм дает вам идеальную внутреннюю и внешнюю атмосферу, позволяя вам практиковать древнее искусство в своем собственном темпе.

Наши тантрические богини квалифицированы и опытны, чтобы ваше время в Храме соответствовало вашим чувственным и эротическим потребностям. Все они способны дать чувственно стимулирующий массаж танца, обнаженной, эротической, простаты, лингама и йони.

Вы просто растопите, когда отдадите все свое существо чистоте, теплоте и магнетизму своей обнаженной Богини. Их эротическая, чувственная красота, опыт и страсть к Тантре увлекут вас.

Сила чувств

Тантра – это всецело использовать чувства в своем полном потенциале и направлять энергию изнутри, духовным путем. Конечная цель состоит в том, чтобы вы полностью овладели своим существом и научились методам и философии, чтобы полностью улучшить человеческий сексуальный и эмоциональный опыт.

Lovemaking рассматривается как священный опыт, и глубокая сенсорная связь между двумя людьми, которые практикуют мудрость любви Тантры, позволяет ощутить полную гармонию и удовлетворение во всех смыслах.